October Newsletter

by Akash D.

Hello everyone!

First off, I want to apologize for the small hiatus. Without further ado, here are all the things that happened in the month of October for HighlanderThon and Children's Specialized Hospitals! 

In October, HighlanderThon was excited to hold our annual Headshaving "For the Kids" event on October 18th and MiniThon on October 25th!

In our head-shaving event, we challenged our dancers who were participating to make a fundraising goal by October 18th, and if they reached their goal, they would have to do something with their hair. Of our dancers that participated, some shaved all or parts of their hair while others died it different colors. In particular, one of our dancers, Cindy Lewis, beat her goal of $1,000 and raised $1,462! 

We would like to additionally thank our local barbershop next to NJIT, Shave Artistry, for being generous enough to send two of their barbers to help cut our dancer's hair. Thank you!

Before and After pictures of Cindy Lewis who got a buzzcut for beating her goal of $1,000. 

Our two Executive team members, Antonio Mistretta and Ashley Griffith, also reached their goals as well. Antonio shaved off all of his hair and Ashley died her hair purple! We are so proud of all the members of HighlanderThon that reached their respective goals and beat them. 

Before and After pictures of Antonio Mistretta (Left). Picture of Ashley Griffith after she died her hair purple (Right)

HighlanderThon also had the pleasure of hosting MiniThon, a smaller, condensed version of the main dance marathon where we have food, games, small tournaments, prizes and raffles. Everyone who participated and came out had a blast in the games we held such as the: "Hula hoop competition", the Dizzy Bat relay race, live karaoke, Giant Jenga, bean bag toss and our small video games on the side. 

We are especially grateful towards NJIT's Gourmet Dining Services for being able to provide us with the food and beverages throughout the event. Thank you!

Some of our Executive Team members have fun while singing karaoke. 


The dancers gather around while playing Giant Jenga. 


Our Executive team members and our Program Coordinator at Children's Specialized Hospitals, Kayla Pagnani (middle), partake in the Hula Hoop competition where the person who can hula hoop the longest wins. 


Our dancers get dizzy in the dizzy bat relay race! 

Throughout the month of October, HighlanderThon is proud to announce that we raised a total of $2423.85! We at HighlanderThon would like to thank all of our dancers and sponsors for their continued support. It cannot be put into words how much all of your donations, words of kindness and general support go towards giving our organization strength. So once again, thank you!