Canning Events

Canning is one of the easiest and most fun ways to fundraise. Especially, when you go canning with your friends. You “can” by asking for donations of spare change using special branded HighlanderThon cans, posters, flyers, square credit card readers, and more. We provide you with all the resources you need! Canning raises money for your personal fundraising goal and also helps spread the word about HighlanderThon!

On average, our volunteers are able to raise their fundraising minimum of $62 from just one night of canning. We meet up at meet by 5:45 in the Campus Center lobby during designated canning days. You can also choose to can at your local town.

Click here for a list of our suggested events to get you started.
To request materials for canning, fill out this form.

Important Details:

  • Read up on this mission of HighlanderThon and Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals so you can explain to donors what we do.
  • Remember that you are representing HighlanderThon,Children’s Specialized Hospital and NJIT; Be respectful, courteous, safe and of course HAVE FUN!
  • Canning requests for only one person will not be accepted.
  • Before choosing your location, check with canning regulations in that municipality. If law enforcement asks you to leave an area, please do so politely.

Letter Writing Campaigns

Letter writing is another easy way to get donations from close friends and family. The best part is that HighlanderThon does all the work for you! Check out our prewritten letters below. Download the one that fits you the best that you think will be the most effective. Print out a few copies of that letter and try to send out as many letters as you can to your friends and family. There is a space at the bottom of each letter to personalized it to the person you are sending it to. And, don’t forget to sign your name!

After you have finished your letters, take them to the Campus Center info desk and put them in the HighlanderThon mailbox. Before you slip them in the mailbox, fill out a Donor Address Form and attach it to the letter (don’t worry, all that is right next to the mailbox). HighlanderThon will put your letters in special envelopes with our Children Miracle stories and a return envelope. All your donor has to do is send us check or cash in the return envelope and that donation will be credited towards your HighlanderThon total! If you cannot print a letter, submit this form and we'll print and send it for you!

Letter Writing Sample Letters:


Do you know a friend or family member who owns a restaurant or small business? We have many different sponsorship opportunities for them! Our goal is to help out our sponsors as best as we can. Print out our sponsorship guide, found below, or email the External Fundraising chair at for the sponsorship guide and tips on how to talk to sponsors.

Host your own event

Does your team or organization want to host your own philanthropy event to benefit the kids at Children’s Specialized Hospital? We can help you PR your event, including posters, flyers, and social media. We can also offer you volunteers and possibly bring kids from the hospital to your event. Fill out this form to start planning your own fundraising event!

Offline Donations

Offline donations (cash, change, checks) can be brought to the office of Mouna Moussa on the second floor of the Albert Dorman's Honors College Residence Hall. Make sure to put your name on the donation somewhere so we can credit it towards your account.