Meet the Executive Team



Julianna Kosty

Executive Director

They say teamwork makes the dream work and that is more than true for the HighlanderThon Exec Team. We are a group of passionate students who dedicate ourselves to ensuring HighlanderThon's sucess.


Ruth Fiore

Finance Director

Janina Santoro

External Director

Matthew Van Grouw 

Operations Chair

Mitali Shah

Hospital Relations Chair

Waleed Mujib

Programming Chair

Position Open!

Recruitement Chair

Josh Farinha

Social Media Chair

Giancarlo Calle

Technology Chair

Ivan Hernandez

Public Relations Chair

Mehak Farrukh

Fundraising Chair

Jagathi Kalluru

Catering Chair

Camila Dintzis

Dancer Relations Chair
Spirit Chair

Praveena Suresh

Corporate Sponsorship Chair

Join Our Team!

We are always looking to expand our family. Check out the different opportunities available to get involved and join one of our committees to start making a difference today FTK.

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