Join a Committee

There are many benefits to joining the HighlanderThon family. Apply to become a member of one or multiple committee(s) today to start making a difference as ONE!

The benefits of joining HighlanderThon:

  • Becoming a part of the Miracle Network Dance Marathon movement that's spreading nationwide.

  • Access to a network consisting of nearly 300 schools across the United States and Canada.

  • Development of leadership, teamwork, and other professional skills.

  • Getting a chance to visit other Dance Marathons in our region.

  • More opportunities to fulfill volunteering and service hours.

  • Exclusive members-only volunteer opportunities and social events.

  • Most importantly, doing it For The Kids and helping them reach their true potential at Children's Specialized Hospital.

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Internal Committees

Programming Committee

Responsible for the entertainment, activities, performances, competitions, and schedule of events of the Big Event and other HighlanderThon signature events. Members  of this committee must be great at planning and managing time.

Spirit Captains

Spirit Captains must always be one level of excitement above everyone else. The Spirit Captains provide emotional support for the participants throughout HighlanderThon. Responsible for creating and teaching the Morale Dance, as well as planning, coordinating, and executing Color Wars leading up to and during the Big Event. Spirit is great for individuals that are energized and dedicated to the cause and can spread that energy and dedication to those around them!

Operations Committee

Works to make sure the organization and all events run smoothly and safely. Responsible for the logistics of the Big Event, including scheduling, security, layouts, etc. This committee is also responsible for the rental of the stage and reserving equipment from physical plant.

Hospital Relations Committee

Responsible for making Miracle Children and their families part of the event and other events throughout the year, as well as keeping the cause relevant for all HighlanderThon related efforts. Will also organize hospital visits for the sponsors and other participants in order to increase awareness and hype. In charge of the family room and entertaining families during the big event.

External Committees

Public Relations Committee

The PR Committee plays the lead role in creating awareness, generating buzz, and building a positive image for HighlanderThon. Involves reaching out to different outlets on campus to promote HighlanderThon. Must know the main mission of HighlanderThon and be able to convey that to the public. Responsible for all outlets of communication (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, posters/flyers, etc). Prior design experience is suggested for this committee.

Technology Committee

Responsible for maintaining and updating the websites and social media. Committee members need to be able to troubleshoots any problems/questions with Kintera accounts, emails, and any technology on the day of the event. Technology Committee will reserve all the lighting, sound, radios, and AV equipment for the Big Event and signature events.

Recruitment Chair

The Recruitment Chair oversees the Recruitment Committee in charge of recruiting participants for HighlanderThon. There is a big focus on underclassmen, student organizations, residence life, and Greek organizations. This involves setting up meetings with organizations and pitching HighlanderThon to the organization in a profession and clear manner. Also responsible for organizing small events to bring in potential participants, and check-in the participants when event time comes around.

Dancer Relations Chair

Keeping up with our registered participants is crucial to empowering them for greatness. It is the responsibility of the Dancer Relations chair to keep in constant contact with all registered participants. He/she will do this through email newsletters and personal emails. The Dancer Relations chair will also work closely with the Fundraising Chair to get as many people to their minimum as possible. He/she will also be responsible for organizing Dancer appreciation/benefit events. He/she will compile reports on participants and update the Executive Team on an as weekly basis.

Finance Committees

Fundraising Committee

Fundraising Committee is responsible for having all participants reach their fundraising goal. The Fundraising Committee does this through canning days, letter-writing campaigns, and organizing any other fundraising events for our participants. Responsible for creating the Incentives Program and Awards Program. The Fundraising Committee is an undefined committee with room for big ideas and innovative thinking.    

Corporate Sponsorship Committee

The Corporate Sponsorship Committee will help cut expenses by seeking sponsorships, capital and commodity (not food), from large and small businesses in our community or at a national level. Must be comfortable presenting to businesses and maintaining on-going partnerships for future years of HighlanderThon. This committee is great for people looking for real-life business experience.

Catering Committee

The Catering Committee will seek in-kind food and drink donations for the Big Event and other Signature Events. Also in charge of seeking and setting-up profit shares with restaurants within the local community.